Protein Treatment for Hair

Protein Treatment for Hair in Abu Dhabi

Has your hair become weak and damaged? Are you suffering from split ends and wish to restore the strength of your hair? If so, you could benefit from protein treatment for hair, which is a service that we offer at Oriental Beauty Lounge.  

We offer a range of hair treatments at Oriental Beauty Lounge, such as our Kérastase Hair Treatment, which is a hair protein treatment. It aims to strengthen your hair and prevent damage, returning the shining luster to your hair.  

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What is a Hair Protein Treatment?

Hair protein treatments are available as an over-the-counter product, or you can have professional protein treatment for hair in a salon. These are professional products that are applied to your hair, with the aim of restoring the strength to your hair and providing added protection against any further damage.

Protein treatment for hair is any product that normally contains some type of keratin and collagen, as these are the ingredients that will help to restore your hair’s structure and replenish the moisture. There are three ways that you can apply a protein treatment for hair, including:

  • Deep Treatments
  • Rinse-Out Treatments
  • Leave-In Treatments

Here at Oriental Beauty Lounge, we offer hair protein treatments for all hair types, and this is known as our Kérastase Hair Treatment. This treatment is priced at 100 – 500 AED, depending on the type and amount of protein hair treatment you require.

What Are the Benefits of Protein Treatments for Hair?

Many people invest in a protein treatment for hair, as these products are specially designed to replenish moisture and restore damaged hair. Your hair can go through a lot in one day, from product build-up and environmental damage, such as heat and sun exposure, to frequent styling. This can all lead to your hair becoming damaged, brittle, and frizzy.

Protein treatments for hair aim to tackle these issues, and there are many benefits to these types of hair protein treatment. Some of the many benefits include:

Strengthens Hair

Prevents Hair Damage

Eliminates Split Ends and Breakages

Replenishes Moisture

Improves Elasticity of Hair

Should Hair Be Washed Before Protein Treatment?

We are often asked whether hair protein treatment needs to be applied to freshly washed hair, and the answer is yes. To achieve the best results, your hair should be washed before protein treatments are applied to it. This ensures that any build up is washed off, which allows the protein treatment to properly bond to your hair.

When you come to our salon for a protein treatment, we will wash your hair first before applying the product.

Hair Services at Oriental Beauty Lounge

Here at Oriental Beauty Lounge, we aim to cater to all clients who come to us for hair treatments and other hair services. This is why we offer more than just protein treatment for hair in our salons. We provide a range of other hair treatments, too, from Loreal Hair Treatment and Mask Straightening to Organic Hair Treatment and Hair Straightening Treatment.

Loreal Hair Treatment

At Oriental Beauty Lounge, we offer a variety of hair treatments using specialist Loreal Paris products. These treatments are suitable for all hair types and range in price from 50 – 250 AED.

Organic Hair Treatment

You can receive organic hair treatments at Oriental Beauty Lounge. We use the best organic hair products to treat your hair, restoring moisture and giving your hair a little TLC. Our organic hair treatments are priced at 150 – 250 AED.

Hair Straightening Treatment

Our hair straightening treatments improve the overall condition of the hair by creating a protective layer around the hair shaft. This eliminates frizz and smooths the cuticle. These treatments are priced at 500 – 2000 AED. 

In addition to the above hair treatments, we also offer a variety of other hair services, including: 

Hair Cutting 

Hair Coloring 

Hair Henna 

Hair Highlights 

And More 

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If your hair has become weak and damaged, and you wish to restore the strength and shine, you could benefit from our protein treatment for hair at Oriental Beauty lounge. This luxury hair treatment strengthens the hair and prevents further damage, such as split ends.

To learn more about our protein treatment for hair in a salon, contact us at Oriental Beauty lounge today. Give us a call to speak to a member of our team member directly and we will get you booked in. alternatively, send an email to us at cs@orientalspa.aeand we will respond via your preferred method of contact.

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