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Fringe Cut

Follow the latest trends and cut your bangs to the right length for your face.

50 AED

Hair Trimming

Cosmetic act of keeping hair clean & fresh by washing it.

80 AED

Hair Cutting

Enjoy a new haircut at Oriental Beauty Lounge for a change.

120 AED

Hair wash

Cosmetic act of keeping hair clean by washing it, to remove sebum from hair.

50-100 AED

Hair Blow-dry

Dry your hair straight or wavy, often to give it a particular style.

80-200 AED

Hair Fair

It's usually done after washing and drying the hair to style it perfectly.

120-300 AED

Hair Style

There are many ways to do a fabulous hair style, choose your favourite and let us do it for you.

250-350 AED

Hair Colouring

Cover gray or white hair, change to a new colour or restore your original hair colour.

250 UP

Hair Henna

This is one of the most traditional natural ways used for dying of hair. This natural mix dye, it's used to create colour shades that makes hair healthy soft and silky.

150-250 AED

L'Oréal Hair Treatment

Transform your hair with the luxurious effects of L'Oréal Professional Hair Treatments, providing deep nourishment and revitalization for healthier and more shiny hair.

150 - 250 AED

Kérastase Hair Treatment

Experience the ultimate hair care with Kérastase Hair Treatments, a luxurious and transformative therapy that nourishes and restores your hair, leaving it stronger, shinier, and healthier.

150 - 500 AED

Schwarzkopf Hair Treatment

Nourish and revitalize your hair with our Schwarzkopf Hair Treatment, restoring shine, strength, and overall health.

200 AED

Milk Shake Hair Treatment

Indulge in the natural Milk Shake Hair Treatment, keeping your hair with nourishment, softness, and stunning shine with all natural ingredients.

150 - 250 AED

Hair Roots Straightening Treatment

Achieve sleek and straight roots with our specialized treatment, designed to tame and smooth unruly hair at the root level, leaving you with a polished and effortlessly styled look.

500 AED

Hair Straightening Treatment

Embrace smooth, frizz-free, and straight hair with our professional hair straightening treatment, providing long-lasting results and a sleek, polished appearance. Say goodbye to unruly locks and hello to effortlessly straightened hair.

500 - 2000 AED

Mask Straightening Treatment

Smoothing treatment that improves the condition of the hair.

350 AED

Organic Hair Treatment

Nourish your hair naturally with our organic hair treatment, utilizing the power of natural ingredients to restore and rejuvenate your locks. Experience the benefits of chemical-free care as your hair is revitalized, leaving it healthy, shiny, and full of life.

150 - 250 AED

Eye Makeup

Define your natural and stunning look with our bright and stylish Eye Makeup.

250 AED

Day Makeup

Enhance your natural beauty with our expertly applied day makeup. Our skilled makeup artists will create a fresh and radiant look that complements your features, giving you a polished and effortless appearance for any daytime occasion. Step out with confidence and a subtle touch of glamour with our day makeup services.

350 AED

Event Makeup

Elevate your look for any special occasion with our professional event makeup services, tailored to enhance your features and create a stunning and glamorous appearance.

550 AED

Classic Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure: Cleaning of fingernails including cutting, shaping, removing cuticles and application of plain nail polish.
Pedicure: Cleaning of toenails including cutting, shaping, removing cuticles, removing the callous and plain polish application.

p85 AED

Kids Manicure & Pedicure

Basic cleaning for fingernails and toenails including cutting, shaping, trimming cuticles and application of plain nail polish.

p60 AED

Kids Nail Polish

To refresh fingernails or toenails. Nails are shaped and painted in a colour the kids’ choice.

p15 AED

Nail Polish

Revitalize your fingernails or toenails with a rejuvenating touch. We will shape and paint your nails with a colour of your choice, ensuring a refreshed and personalized look.

p30 AED

French Nail Polish

To refresh fingernails or toenails. Nails are shaped and painted in French colours.

p40 AED

Gel Polish

Application of Gel Polish

p50 AED

French Gel Polish

Application of Gel Polish in simple French style.

p70 AED

Gel Polish Removal

Effortlessly remove gel polish with our professional Gel Polish Removal service, leaving your nails clean and healthy.

p30 AED


Elevate your nails to a whole new level with the mesmerizing chrome effect. Our skilled technicians will apply a special chrome powder to create a stunning, mirror-like finish on your nails.

M150 AED
p150 AED

Cut & File

This service is perfect if you're running out of time, simply get your nails cut, filed and polished with a colour of your choice!

p30 AED

Shape & Polish

Get your nails expertly shaped and polished for a neat and refined look.

p40 AED

Poly Gel / Acrylic

Enhance your nails with our poly gel or acrylic services for stunning & long lasting results.

250 Up

Soft Gel

Indulge in the luxurious Soft Gel treatment, providing a gentle and glamorous enhancement for your nails.

250 AED

Artificial Nails

Discover the allure of artificial nails at Oriental Beauty Lounge.

100 AED

Artificial Nails Removal

Professional techniques are applied by experts at Oriental Beauty Lounge to remove artificial nails without causing any damages to your natural nails.

50 AED

Perfect Sense Paraffin

Pamper your hands and feet with the indulgent Perfect Sense Paraffin treatment, providing deep hydration and relaxation for soft and supple skin.

M125 AED
p150 AED
Combo229 AED

Vanilla & Marshmallow

Indulge in the delightful and sweet aroma of Vanilla & Marshmallow hand & feet treatment which leaves you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and of course extra soft skin.

M100 AED
p110 AED
Combo160 AED

Lavender & Mint

A treatment that soothes and nourishes the skin with a calming aroma that combines between classic lavender and fresh mint.

M100 AED
p110 AED
Combo160 AED

Tropical Island

Tropical combination for sensitive skin which deeply hydrates dry skin & reduces wrinkles with an amazing long-lasting fragrance.

M100 AED
p110 AED
Combo160 AED

Mavala Nails Treatment

Addressing a range of nail concerns including softness, splitting, yellowing, and dryness, our specialized treatment effectively restores your nails to a healthy and resilient state, promoting their natural strength and appearance. Say goodbye to nail problems and embrace beautiful, strong nails once again.

p75 AED
Combo103 AED

Ball Scrub Treatment

Experience the ultimate rejuvenation with our refreshing Ball Scrub wide range Treatments providing smoothness and revitalization.

p100 AED


Bleaching your eyebrows will give you the best eyebrow care and restore the natural look.

50 AED


Experience a facial transformation that will make you unforgettably radiant. Our expert treatments brighten your face, enhancing your natural beauty.

100 AED

Face, Neck & Chest

Achieve smooth, flawless skin with our expert Face, Neck & Chest waxing and Halawa waxing services.

120 AED


Say goodbye to unwanted back hair with our professional back waxing service for a smooth, confident look.

50 AED


Get a sleek and toned appearance with our stomach waxing service for a hair-free and confident you.

50 AED

Half Arms

Achieve brighter and more uniform half arms with our expert bleaching services.

50 AED

Full Arms

Achieve silky smoothness with our full arms waxing service for beautifully hair-free and flawless arms.

70 AED

Half Legs

Experience smooth and radiant legs with our half legs waxing service for a confident and hair-free look.

75 AED

Full Legs

Embrace complete smoothness with our full-legs waxing service, revealing flawless and beautifully hair-free legs.

100 AED

Full Body

Indulge in the ultimate pampering with our full-body waxing service for a completely smooth and rejuvenated you.

350 AED

Upper Lip

Refine your look with our Upper Lip Threading service, ensuring precise and flawless removal of unwanted hair.

26 AED


Enhance your facial beauty with our Chin Threading service, providing precise and immaculate hair removal.

30 AED

Chin with Neck

For a truly comprehensive threading experience, we go beyond just the chin. Our chin + neck threading service ensures a thorough and flawless result, giving you a complete clean threading feel. We provide the utmost satisfaction and leave you feeling beautifully groomed.

50 AED

Full Face

Transform your face with our Full Face Threading service, achieving smoothness and definition for a radiant look.

100 AED

Upper Lip

Oriental upper lip wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Wax30 AED
Halawa30 AED


Oriental chin wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Wax30 AED
Halawa30 AED

Full Face

Oriental face wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Wax120 AED
Halawa120 AED

Half Arms

Oriental half arms wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Wax50 AED
Halawa50 AED

Full Arms

Oriental full arms wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Wax70 AED
Halawa70 AED

Half Legs

Oriental half legs wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Wax70 AED
Halawa70 AED

Full Legs

Oriental full legs wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Wax100 AED
Halawa100 AED


Oriental back wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Wax50 AED
Halawa50 AED


Oriental stomach wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Wax50 AED
Halawa50 AED

Under Arms

Oriental underarm wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Wax50 AED
Halawa50 AED

Bikini Line

Oriental Spa’s bikini line waxing follows international hygiene standards and uses internationally approved products.

Wax60 AED
Halawa60 AED

Full Body

Oriental full body wax process guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Wax300 AED
Halawa300 AED

Rose Scrub

Indulge in the luxurious Hammam experience with our special Rose Scrub, leaving your skin silky with extra glow.

350 AED

Lemon Blossom Scrub

Refreshing Lemon Blossom Scrub, a revitalizing treatment that exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin.

350 AED

Amber Hammam

Immerse yourself in the warm and tranquil Amber Hammam experience, a blissful journey for relaxation and rejuvenation leaves you with a glowing moisturized skin.

350 AED

Luban Hammam

It’s a must to try luxury Hammam experience that suits all skin types especially sensitive skin, which gives you pure collagen & extra moisturizing.

300 AED

Coffee Scrub

Awaken your senses with our special Coffee Scrub, a revitalizing treatment that leaves your skin smooth and refreshed.

300 AED

Bridal Hammam

Oriental’s ‘Bridal Hammam’ combines different types of Moroccan bath special mix that makes you live the ultimate luxury Hammam with many benefits which you’ll feel & see immediately, other than the special bridal atmosphere we do for each our dearest brides.

Up To 1000

Cleopetra Honey Hammam

One of Oriental spa’s exclusive Hammam, includes honey and milk special mix which will makes you feel extra moisturized with long lasting smell & bright skin.

250 AED

Organic Hammam

It’s 100% natural ingredients cleanses your body leaving it smooth, glow & bright.

250 AED

Traditional Moroccan Hammam

Having a traditional bath is a key part of Middle Eastern culture. It will help cleanse your body, deeply using steam and exfoliating beauty techniques that have been followed by Moroccans for centuries.

140 AED

Body Scrub

Revitalize your skin with our rejuvenating Body Scrub, gently exfoliating and leaving you with a silky-smooth touch.

200 AED

Face Mask

Oriental’s ‘Face Mask’ focusses on hydrating your face and helps in brightening and unifying uneven skin tones while gently minimizing the look of old acne scars and discoloration from sun damage.

50 AED


Enhance your spa experience with the Nella Moroccan Scrub add-on, a luxurious treatment for silky-smooth and radiant skin.

50 AED

Thai Herbal Ball Massage

It Relaxes all muscle & it helps to increase the blood circulation beside providing nourishment for the skin. Also it increases blood oxygen flow

60 min / 350 AED

Slimming Massage

It improves the skin to more elastic, so it becomes firmer. It improves blood circulation & draining the toxins besides eliminating the stubborn ats that causing cellulite.

60 min / 320 AED

Wooden Massage

Relax and unwind with our soothing Wooden Massage, promoting deep relaxation and releasing muscle tension.

60 min / 320 AED

Deep Tissue Massage

It includes a deep pressure which release chronic tension. The focus lies on the deepest layer of muscle tissue, tendons, & fascia.

60 min / 300 AED

Hot Stone Massage

The best for muscle tension & aches it releases blocked energy flow to re-energise the body & it may help to reduce arthritic pain.

60 min / 300 AED

Mother To Be Massage

This massage is special for mom-to-be. It helps back pain and joint pain. It improves the blood circulation.

60 min / 300 AED

Thai Massage

It's a traditional massage works to create harmony between mind, body & spirit Its the best to release muscle tension & stress besides the flexibility benefits.

60 min / 270 AED

Aromatherapy Massage

This massage is very relaxing it includes different Aromatherapy massage oils which can release stress & tension on the body.

60 min / 270 AED

Relaxing Massage

It improves deep relaxation, stress relief reduces anxiety, eases muscle tension & improves overall sleep quality.

60 min / 250 AED

Swedish Massage

It is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation & flexibility while easing tension.

60 min / 250 AED

Anti-Stress Massage

It helps in reducing stress & It releases muscles tension.

45 min / 200 AED

Head Massage

Makes you feel relaxed & calms the mind. It also Improves blood circulation in different parts of the head. It gives a relief from headache & strengthens the hair roots.

20 min / 70 AED

Neck & Shoulders Massage

It's a mood booster, with no time It reliefs pain, headaches & back pain

20 min / 70 AED

Reflexology Massage

It includes the ability to stimulate nerve function, increase energy, boost circulation, induced a deep state of relaxation & prevents migraines.

20 min / 70 AED

Exception Marine

Exclusive Energilift massage technique to reactivate skin cells, restimulate cell exchange & reposition facial volumes.

90 min / 700 AED
Renew the cells

Sillicium Super Lift

Fills deep wrinkles & lift the facial contour & neck. The skin is smoother & less wrinkled on the frown lines, eye & contour.

75 min / 600 AED
Smooth, fill & lifting

Lumiere Marine Ritual

Corrects the dark spots & uneven pigmentations. The face is illuminated & more youthful looking.

60 min / 550 AED
Pigmentation / Dark Spots

Spiruline Boost Ritual

Smooths the fine lines & hydrates the skin so it looks younger, more radiant, smoother& plumper.

60 min / 500 AED
Smooth fine lines


Fills the deep wrinkles & lift the facial contour & neck. The skin is smoother & less wrinkled on the frown lines, eye & contour.

60 min / 500 AED
Fill the deep wrinkles

Source Marine Ritual

Hydrates the rough dry skin with rich components which will make it softer & more glowing.

60 min / 400 AED
Dehydrated Skin

Cold Marine Ritual

Treats sensitive skin, it's soothing, softening & it boost the blood circulation. The skin will be oxygenated & brightened.

60 min / 400 AED
Sensitive Skin

Purete Marine Ritual

Treats the very oily or blemish-prone skin for an ultra-effective, anti-seborrheic & anti-blemish result.

60 min / 400 AED
Oily / Combination Skin

Express Facial

Gives your skin oxygen & radiance.

30 min / 250 AED
All Skin Types

Eye Touch Treatment

Treats dark circles, puffiness & Wrinkles.

20 min / 200 AED
Eye contour problems

IBeauty Anti-aging Activator

Deep cleansing peeling mixed with 28 min of radio frequency to have instant lifting effect

60 min / 700 AED

IBeauty Hydration Corrector

Deep cleansing peeling mixed with deep hydration with ultra sound effect

45 min / 600 AED
Dehydrated Skin

IBeauty Wrinkle Corrector

Deep cleansing peeling mixed with fibrolyses step which fill the deep wrinkles

60 min / 600 AED
Deep Wrinkles

IBeauty Purity Reviver

Deep cleansing peeling mixed with drainage to reduce the oil production

30 min / 500 AED
Oily Skin

Skeyndor Anti-Aging

The cosmetic treatment contains a botox & snake venom like peptide as well as a hyaluronic filler, that reduces deep wrinkles and expression lines quickly and effectively. The innovative fusion of three action mechanisms in a single treatment - PEELING, FILLING and DECONTRACTION. Wrinkles disappear naturally and gradually from the first session. Achieve skin up to 5 years younger.

90 min / 600 AED

Skeyndor Meso Treatment

Meso treatments stimulate the skin which enhances the body's production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, improving the appearance of the skin.

250 Up

Skeyndor Power Treatment

Based on your skin type the therapists will consult you to choose one of these (Power Hyaluronic, Power C+, Power Retinol)

350 AED

Skeyndor Algy Mask

For dry skin – deep moisturizing

60 min / 300 AED

Skeyndor Aquatherm Re-equilibrant

Aquatherm normalizes and rebalances sensitive skin. It assists the skin in restoring the barrier function to protect skin against damaging environmental effects.

60 min / 250 AED

Skeyndor Cleanse Pro

Formulated with pre and postbiotics to stimulate and protect the skin microbiota while cleansing deeply to reveal a healthy skin. Perfect before beginning your targeted treatment.

60 min / 250 AED

Skeyndor Express Facial

Don’t have time? This flash beauty treatment removes the signs of fatigue in your skin, for Instant “good appearance” effect tailor made to suit all your skin needs!

45 min / 200 AED

Diamond Membership

Unlock your fitness potential with our exclusive diamond Gym Membership, providing personal training sessions with an access to top-notch facilities and all fitness classes. Contact us to learn more!

1 Month 1300 AED
3 Month 2300 AED
6 Month 4000 AED
12 Month 6000 AED

Platinum Membership

Unlock your fitness potential with our Special Platinum Gym Membership, providing access to top-notch facilities and all fitness classes. Contact us to learn more!

1 Month 800 AED
3 Month 1300 AED
6 Month 2500 AED
12 Month 4500 AED

Gold Membership

Unlock your fitness potential with our Gold Gym Membership, providing access to all fitness classes. Contact us to learn more!

1 Month 600 AED
3 Month 1000 AED
6 Month 2000 AED
12 Month 3500 AED

Silver Membership

Unlock your fitness potential with our Silver Gym Membership, providing access to all gym machines. Contact us to learn more!

1 Month 400 AED
3 Month 750 AED
6 Month 1500 AED
12 Month 2500 AED

Lipomassage - 35 min

Lipomassage is a non-invasive treatment from Endermologie to treat localized fat pockets and shape the body. Lipomassage can reduce the appearance of cellulite.

1 Sess360 AED
6 Sess1680 AED
12 Sess3360 AED

Targeted Treatment - 10 min

Forehead, Eyes: anti-wrinkle, Eyes: puffiness and dark circles, Mouth, Double Chin, Facial Contours, Neck, Décolleté,and Hands.

1 Sess175 AED
6 Sess840 AED
12 Sess1680 AED

LPG Body Wear

LPG body wear is the body care package Oriental Spa provides to the customers to have their LPG treatment. Oriental therapists train and provide instruction on how to use and explore the maximum benefits from the LPG treatment.

180 AED / Per Wear

Fitness Classes

Achieve your fitness goals with our diverse range of classes and customizable packages tailored to your specific needs.

1 Class60 AED
6 Classes300 AED
12 Classes600 AED
Private Fitness Class250 AED

Personal Training Session

Achieve your fitness goals with personalized guidance through our expert Personal Training programs, tailored to your specific needs. Contact us to learn more!

1 Session250 AED
10 Session1900 AED
20 Session3040 AED
30 Session3990 AED

Swimming Classes

Dive into the world of swimming with our professional swimming classes, helping you develop confidence and technique in the water.

1 Class150 AED
5 Classes600 AED
10 Classes1000 AED

Pool Membership

Enjoy unlimited access to our indoor special pool with our pool Membership. Contact us to learn more!

Fitness Schedule - Al Bateen

Enjoy variety of fitness classes at Al Bateen branche