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What is a Gel Manicure?

A gel manicure is a process of having your nails painted with a gel material that can be customized into several different patterns. The process of a gel nail manicure does not take very long and results in your nails looking strong and stunning. Our team can deliver a gel manicure that leaves you wholly satisfied and feeling beautiful. 

What is the Difference Between Gel Nails and Acrylic Nails?

A lot of clients ask us to explain the difference between gel nails and acrylic nails, as they’re unsure about what option is best. Gel nails are made from a liquid resin that is cured under an LED or UV light, whereas acrylic nails are made from liquid monomers and powder polymers. Whether you choose to have gel or acrylic nails, you can expect our staff to make sure that your chosen option is made to last.

How Long Do Gel Nails Last?

When clients reach out to us looking to take advantage of gel nails, they want to know how long their new nails are going to last. Generally, gel nails last anywhere between 2-3 weeks at a minimum, but they can last for much longer if they’re looked after correctly. We only use the finest products and materials at Oriental Spa, which means that the gel nails that we deliver last for as long as possible. Our staff will be happy to provide you with useful advice so that you can take care of your gel nails correctly. 

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